Offering businesses over 15 years of client-referenceable JD Edwards ERP systems experience, KS2 is now a recognized Oracle Platinum Partner for its expertise in providing enterprise solutions.

KS2 Technologies has been recognized by Oracle as a Platinum Level partner, surpassing the Oracle Gold Partnership it first gained in 2007. To achieve this new ranking in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, a company must attain five or more specializations, display an investment in expertise across Oracle’s products, and gain an Oracle Validated Integration. KS2 has satisfied all of these requirements through helping clients with new installations and implementations, developing customer applications, executing upgrades for JDE users, and launching their own JD Edwards-integrated design center and sales options software, HomeSalesOne.

“We’re thrilled about our Platinum partnership with Oracle. This has been in the works since our JD Edwards practice first began,” shared Dan Shinedling, Jr, CEO and Co-Founder of KS2 Technologies. “All of our JD Edwards consultants are constantly challenging themselves to maximize the value they can bring to our customers through acquiring new certifications.”

Through becoming an Oracle Platinum partner, KS2 will now be able to further extend their specializations, promote their solutions to a wider scope of potential customers, and be able to reduce costs with discounts on services offered through OPN.

When asked about KS2’s plans as an Oracle partner under the new rank, Dan Shinedling, Jr was excited to share more.

“KS2 has continued to be a leader in the JD Edwards marketplace and our Platinum status is a direct result.  We have developed our first Oracle Validated Integration, HomeSalesOne, a Sales and CPQ solution for the Homebuilding Industry.  We have expanded our JD Edwards Managed Services offerings to support CNC, Development, Business Services (BSSVs), Financials, Job Cost, CAM, Distribution and more.  We will complete multiple JDE upgrades this year both World to E1 and E1 to E1.  We have developed Cloud APIs for JD Edwards.  We will close out the year by helping our clients begin to migrate JDE to the Oracle Cloud.  It’s been an exciting journey and the future will be even better.”

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