KS2’s 2017 was a year of big change and growth, both in the market and within the company. With all of these changes occurring, each line of business continued its healthy trend upwards while innovating and competitively providing value to returning customers and prospects.

KS2’s Infrastructure Practice

  • The team started the year off strong with the installment of a new Power 8 and added multiple customer workloads to it. They’re now planning for another one early this year.
  • They also delivered several successful O/S upgrades and major system configurations, a few system moves and rebuilt 2 entirely crashed systems.

KS2’s JD Edwards Practice

  • KS2’s JD Edwards team grew with new additions in talent, from talented industry players to bright recruits from Georgia Tech.
  • Sponsored and exhibited at Oracle’s Collaborate and INFOCUS shows, speaking with numerous clients and prospects.
  • Carried multiple JD Edwards upgrades for World and EnterpriseOne, as well as several JD Edwards migrations from World to EnterpriseOne.
  • HomeSalesOne won an Oracle-validated integration with JD Edwards 9.2.
  • With support from its JD Edwards practice, KS2 achieved Oracle’s Platinum Partner status.

KS2’s Hybrid Cloud Practice

  • KS2 attended two major Gartner events and sponsored/exhibited at Gartner’s Applications Strategies & Solutions Summit in December.
  • KS2’s Hybrid Cloud practice was given the privilege of being an IBM partner with a Bluemix Garage.
  • KS2’s developers gained new certifications in AWS, along with new cloud certifications.
  • Growth in a vendor-agnostic cloud approach for clients (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, AWS).
  • The development team continued to improve HomeSalesOne, with HomeSalesOne now in production at a leading privately-held homebuilder.
  • KS2 continued to save clients thousands of dollars in software licensing costs by reviewing and strategizing on alternatives.
  • With support from its Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure practices, KS2 Technologies achieved IBM’s Gold Partner status.


  • KS2’s team took to donate to causes such as Hurricane Harvey Relief in Houston and GRACE Food Drive.
  • Finally, there were several interior renovations at the office, resulting in a new and improved guest lobby!