KS2 Project Management Office

What We Do

KS2’s Project Management Team is here for our clients.  Our team is uniquely qualified to support any type of project with Senior-level experience in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies and approaches. Our commitment to you is that we will adapt to your company culture and preferred approach, delivering clear planning workshops, effective communication plans, and an accommodating approach to your team and project!  We are true partners that want to see you and your project succeed!


Support for all KS2 Projects executed by our JDE Practice, Cloud and Middleware Practice, and Infrastructure Practice.

Program Managers, Senior Project Managers and Project Coordinators to fit a project or budget of any size.

Successful execution begins with a Plan that everyone can deliver on!  The KS2 Program Management Office is available for your Short Term engagements, writing the pre-work (Project Charters, Communication Plans and Project Plans) for any Statement of Work or Large Project Initiative that your company is considering. Before starting any project, we will work with you and your team to develop critical and helpful Project Artifacts.

Want help moving your IT department from Waterfall to Agile?  Our Consultants are trained in both and can help you transition and get started on establishing a Clear Project Priorities and Product backlogs. We’ll help your team set up the critical ceremonies (Daily Scrums, Sprint Planning Meetings, Backlog Meetings, Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives). Just need a Certified Scrum Master to join your fast-growing team for a while? We are here for you.

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