KS2 and Gehan Homes presented a webinar on the functionality of KS2’s HomeSalesOne solution (Gehan’s version is called DASH) on February 21 for QUEST’s Homebuilder User Group.

Starting off the presentation, KS2 CTO Ed Vazquez introduced KS2 to attendees and then shared how development with Gehan Homes began, discussing the key needs that Gehan had when starting to assess their problems.

Gehan needed a secure digital tool to sell homes and this tool had to be able to work offline.

The tool needed to integrate seamlessly with JD Edwards and had to work offline, just in case JD Edwards went down.

Lastly, the tool had to enforce pricing and discounting rules and option selection rules, while providing near real-time availability and pricing of all options, lots, floor plans, and models.

Gehan’s Purchasing Manager Michael Miller then gave a demo and explained how DASH has pulled their business’ internal processes into the modern age. At the end of this month, 500 contracts will have been generated through DASH, with the shortest time to secure a contract taking 28 minutes.