Your IBM i system data is important; minimize downtime by following these 5 disaster recovery tips for your IBM i and help your business keep its critical data safely stored.


People, Priorities, Policies First

  • Assign a data protection owner
  • Form a small task force to determine the most business-critical information and apps
  • Prioritize and keep the focus narrow to attain your goals


Get the data out of the building

  • Consider the most likely threats to your business
  • Think creatively about how you can cost-effectively protect the data remotely
  • Keep copies of your data in a safe place out of your building

Think Beyond Tape

  • Can your business tolerate losing data to the point of the last good tape backup?
  • If your recovery time objective met by a tape retrieval and recovery process?
  • Do you have a downtime window for tape backup?

Make sure you can really restore

  • If your data protected up to the point of failure, so nothing is lost?
  • Is your data checked for integrity and fully recoverable?
  • How quickly can you get your business running again in the event of failure?
  • When was the last time you had a successful DR test?

Calculate the cost of downtime

Calculate the cost of downtime using the formula below.

  • (Time/Length of Outage + Time Delta to Data Backup) x (Hourly rate of personnel + Lost Revenue per hour)
  • Define your recovery objectives by looking at RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) for each application.

Get Senior Management support of your cost estimates and required RTO and RPO goals.

If you’re considering implementing DR/HA within your organization, call our experts at KS2 for assistance. KS2 Technologies has the experience and staff to support your IBM i and to help your business determine and implement the best DR solution for your

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