KS2 Technologies, cloud solution provider and IBM Gold Business Partner, met at The Westin St. Louis on June 13 to host an informative hands-on workshop covering IBM Bluemix fundamentals.

The workshop was presented by Ed Vazquez, KS2’s Sr. Practice Director for Cloud, APIs, and Middleware and featured a hands-on tutorial to help guests get started on Bluemix, IBM’s leading PaaS platform built to make application development easier.

Before providing guests with a chance to build their API with a Bluemix demo, KS2 shared several in-depth use cases of how Bluemix speeds development and delivery of business value.


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“Bluemix has helped KS2’s developers cover a lot of ground in cloud development over the past three years,” shared Ed Vazquez. “IBM’s Bluemix gives you all of the power of an IBM integration platform without having to spend thousands of dollars worth of on-premise software licenses. KS2 Bluemix clients can quickly leverage all of IBM’s Integration and Mobility platform products such as IIB, App Connect Pro (previously Cast Iron), DataPower, MQ, API Management, StrongLoop, MobileFirst, and WebSphere while paying only for what you’re using at that point in time.”

Bluemix is about choice and flexibility, giving every company the freedom to mix and match their private and public services. In a developer survey carried by the analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), it was found that:

  • Bluemix developers are more focused on custom application development than other PaaS vendors.
  • End users enjoyed the access to numerous capabilities offered through Bluemix.
  • Bluemix is identified as a mission critical application for the majority of those surveyed for the next two years.
  • Bluemix drove the highest levels of satisfaction in the areas of mobile application development capabilities, security features, and cost effectiveness.

Bluemix’s on-demand “pay as you go” platform gives users the ability to quickly solve critical business problems, providing access to over 90 services for DevOps, Mobile, Security, IoT, Watson, Data Management, Big Data, and more.


“It’s an exciting time to be moving to the Cloud and Bluemix is the best option for any company seeking new ways to deliver technology solutions quicker and more cost-effectively through leveraging the Cloud,” Ed commented. “Bluemix has helped us deliver multiple APIs and applications for clients, created secure APIs, Hybrid Cloud Applications, and Mobile Applications. All of this was done in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, of what we could only two to three years ago.”

Discussing KS2’s workshop approach, KS2’s CEO, Dan Shinedling, Jr was excited to share that several more workshops are planned for the remainder of the year. “Overall, it’s just a great learning experience for our clients and guests. KS2 holds workshops like this one as a way to communicate personal experiences to anyone who may be curious and just wants to learn more about what these tools are. There’s always opportunities for us to show how we can help them vision, architect, develop, and implement what they’re trying to do.”

Want to attend one of our Bluemix workshops? Let us know where you’re based. If it’s too far for an in-person workshop, we’ll call you and help you get started.