In times of crisis, people matter and always come first. Recently, KS2 was reminded of this reality when Hurricane Harvey tore through south Texas, affecting our fellow neighbors.

In the wake of this especially severe hurricane season, it has been incredible to see how quickly communities and businesses were able to offer aid in response, helping thousands in the devastated areas.  KS2 understood that our people could come together quickly to make a meaningful contribution and send the message that we are here to help.

Just a day after news came in of the flooding, KS2 announced that we would be accepting voluntary donations to support relief and rescue efforts, matching each employee’s contributed dollar for dollar. In three weeks, we were able to raise over $5,000 to go towards the Red Cross’ relief effort in Houston. Eric Kuefler, President of KS2, commented “I’m really proud of how quickly the team at KS2 came together to support our fellow Texans.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the many Houstonians that are recovering.”

See the ways you can continue to help, from volunteering to donating supplies.