IBM has recently announced its plan to rebrand WebSphere Cast Iron (commonly called Cast Iron for short) as App Connect Pro. With this announcement comes many changes, including a change in the branding, licensing, and packaging of Cast Iron. IBM is in the process of rebranding the WebSphere portfolio, product by product. What does this mean? Over time, you will see the IBM products lose their legacy and/or WebSphere moniker as IBM makes its changes to the branding, licensing, and packaging of the software.

In addition to rebranding Cast Iron, some major changes to licensing were also announced that will directly impact your renewals and future projects. These changes are highlighted below.

IBM Cast Iron Announcement

Name Changes:

  • Cast Iron Name – gone!
  • Replaced with IBM App Connect Professional (ACP)
  • This has been done as part of IBM’s continuing effort to emphasize IBM brand & homogenize naming across the middleware/cloud portfolio

Major Licensing Changes:

  • Hypervisor Edition – changed to core based pricing versus unlimited cores today
  • SaaS – changed to actions/month versus unmetered access today; dedicated cores available.
  • Endpoint Licensing – no longer required; unlimited here!
  • Standard v. Enterprise – no longer make this distinction.

New Functionality:

  • v7.5.2 – no major changes

To learn more about the rebranding of Cast Iron, read the full announcement located here. You can set up 30 minutes with us to determine how this impacts your licensing, projects, and budget here.

As IBM has announced this plan to rebrand Cast Iron as App Connect Pro, KS2 would like to additionally share with you our own mobile, middleware, and hybrid cloud changes and successes.

This year KS2 presented notable at both Collaborate 2016 and IBM InterConnect 2016. At Interconnect, where KS2 was recognized for innovation, we presented our Middleware/Cloud Managed Services and our freshly-shipped Hybrid App, HomeSalesOne (HS1), built on Bluemix. We are now preparing to exhibit HomeSalesOne at the 2017 International Builders Show.

Within our team, we have earned more certs per capita than most partners, including new cloud certs. In addition, we have licensed migrations for our JD Edwards clients using Websphere App Server and saved clients thousands of dollars in software licensing costs by reviewing and strategizing on alternatives.

In 2016, KS2 executed Managed Services for:

  • The Development & Support for IBM DataPower, MQ, IIB, Broker, Cast Iron Integration.
  • The Development and Support of Mobile.
  • The Management and Securing of Web Services/API’s through DataPower Gateways.

Additionally, KS2 has conducted projects integrating, company websites, ADP, SAP, JD Edwards, legacy, and concur. For each of these projects, KS2 built all architecture, best practices, and API development needed, as well as custom development efforts using .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Node.js.

To see the latest on KS2’s Hybrid Cloud Consultants, be sure to read about our Bluemix Workshops here.