KS2 will be attending and presenting at Think 2018.

Las Vegas, NV | March 19 – 22

KS2’s Welcome to Think 2018 Mixer

Monday, March 19, 2018, 7:00 pm

IBM Cloud Private Lunch Briefing

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 12:00 pm

Cloud for the POWER Crowd Happy Hour

Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 6:00 pm

How will it help me?

We’ve invited some of our most knowledgeable IBM experts to join us as we welcome customers and friends to Think 2018, complete with food and drink that will be provided in our private suite. See new faces and network in a pleasant atmosphere as the easiest cloud adoption techniques for the IBM community are shared – private (IBM Cloud Private), public, and hybrid.

How will it help me?

Discover how IBM Cloud Private gives you the benefits of cloud behind your firewall. Join your peers in KS2’s private suite as we cover how you can build open, cloud-native apps with public services and run them on the public cloud or existing on-premises systems. Enjoy lunch along with interactive demos and a Q&A from our own certified development team.

How will it help me?

Using the cloud doesn’t mean leaving your Power system behind. See how others are leveraging the cloud to enhance their IBM Power Systems as we present hybrid cloud reference architectures. Also joining will be Meritage Homes, who will answer your questions and share their experiences when it comes choosing the right cloud to best suit their business needs.

In our suite, we’ll provide opportunities for you to network and have uninterrupted, one-on-one conversations on resolving your business’ pain points.

Join us for two speaking sessions and three nightly suite events all based on delivering IT value and innovation to your business.

Session ID: 6710A Gehan Homes: Selling Homes in the Cloud

Place this session on your calendar.

  • When: Thursday, March 22, 1:30pm – 2:10pm
  • Where: Cloud and Data Campus Small Theater B
What will be discussed

In this session, IBM Gold Business Partner KS2 and client Meritage Homes will explain the private, public and hybrid cloud options available for IBM Power Systems. We will walk through use cases involving complex ERP (like JD Edwards and other ERP packages), SaaS and IBM Cloud, and discuss how Meritage Homes overcame some of these challenges through middleware and cloud solutions.

What will be discussed

In this session, attendees will learn how Gehan Homes has moved their core sales processes to the cloud using the IBM Cloud platform and leveraging IBM Cloud Garage Services with KS2 Technologies. Attendees will learn about the unique challenges that cloud application hosting and development has presented—and their strategies for overcoming, embracing, and leaping beyond their competition with their Digital Automated Home Sales (DASH) solution that has launched earlier this year. You can learn more about this project here.

Client First. Cloud Agnostic.

In addition to our Cloud Migration Assessments and Integrations, Cloud Platform Management, and Cloud Architecture offerings, KS2’s certified talent can also deliver App Development and Integration.

Who from KS2 can you expect to see at Think 2018?

Eric Kuefler

Eric Kuefler

President and Co-Founder

Eric is a born entrepreneur with an unswerving intensity and a proven sales and professional services track record.

With Eric, good is not good enough – reaching for excellence is his mantra. Acting as both an IT and Finance professional and KS2’s president, he understands the importance of each project’s business value and its impact on the customers’ bottom line.

Dan Shinedling, Jr

Dan Shinedling, Jr

CEO and Co-Founder

Dan Jr. possesses a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for making IT soar. Dan began his professional career in 1992 as a developer and integration consultant before joining KS2.

Today, as KS2’s CEO, Dan continues to focus on ways to make IT work better for business and to enable KS2’s personnel and its clients’ success.

Ed Vazquez

Ed Vazquez


Ed Vazquez is an innovative and loyal technologist leading KS2’s Middleware, Integration Mobile and Software Development Practice with over a decade of experience.

Managing KS2’s Kansas City office, Ed helps clients strengthen their processes by overseeing the delivery of all solutions and managed services.

Sarah Kaiser

Sarah Kaiser

Middleware and Cloud Sales

Sarah Kaiser is a Middleware and Cloud Sales Representative with skills in strategic planning/analysis, project management, and customer service.

Working closely with KS2’s cloud implementation team, Sarah actively responds to questions and seeks for other ways to help clients during each KS2 engagement.

Jimmy Kloberdanz

Jimmy Kloberdanz

JD Edwards and Cloud Sales Consultant

With specialties in cognitive, Cloud, SaaS, and new business development, Jimmy Kloberdanz is a forward-thinking management professional who is consistently able to link strategies with measurable results.

As a member of several groups in the IT community, Jimmy’s relationship-building approach in understanding client pain points has helped him build an unparalleled record in referenceable client successes.