We hope your company has had a successful year so far and is excited for what the future holds. If you are looking for an exciting setting to see the future of cloud, mobile, and APIs, we invite you to join us at InterConnect 2017, IBM’s premier cloud show.

InterConnect is IBM’s biggest show for companies seeking to deliver their cloud, mobile, and API solutions faster and more cost-effectively. This year KS2 will be at Booth 362, assisting companies through:

  • Helping clients get onboarded with the Bluemix platform and use APIs on it.
  • Demonstrating our own Bluemix-built solution HomeSalesOne to show what the end result of building a hybrid app on Bluemix looks like.

If you’re interested in learning more about InterConnect and/or getting started on Bluemix, let us know! If you are going, we’d love to share more about our past experiences at the conference and hear what you’ve been working on. Let us know if you’ll be attending.